Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer travel management services for both Corporate/Business travelers and Leisure travelers. We have a dedicated tours department that will cater for all your leisure/safari needs.

While traveling the general and most basic documents required include Valid passport Valid Visa Valid Air ticket Health documentation

We are reachable outside normal working hours through our emergency lines and hence guarantee you of 24/7/365 uninterrupted service any place anytime.

We provide you with many options of different flight fares and routings and hence you will be able to choose according to your preference and budget. This saves you on time and the hustle of going through online fares as well as you will have access to cheap and discounted fares that are usually extended to us.

We will notify you of any changes that may affect your flight and even assist in rebooking and rerouting your tickets for a non-interrupted travel experience. The Airlines rarely notify their travelers of changes on time. We will advise you on the other travel related requirements such as Visas, Health documentation which you will not get from the internet when booking directly.

Yes, we offer a variety of travel insurance options to suit your needs and protect your trip.

We value your feedback and would love to hear about your experience with our agency. You can provide feedback by contacting our customer service team or by filling out a feedback form on our website.

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